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Professional manufacturer engaged in producing the fasteners, precision terminals, various kinds of springs



Quality is the eternal theme in the company, is the base of win the market


Dongguan Benco Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., (which was a Taiwanese enterprise called as Dongguan Guoju Hardware Co., Ltd) was established in 2004, then registered as domestic enterprise in 2013, is a professional manufacturer specialized in development, production and sales of fasteners, precision terminals, various kinds of springs, aviation plug, POGO PIN, audio switch adaptor and etc. We have precision automatic lathe, screwing machine, multiple CNC coiling machine and other advanced machinery from domestic and overseas. We have always adhering "quality first, strive for excellence" as our professional production spirit, bring in domestic and international standard quality testing equipments, fully implement the ISO-9001:2008 international quality management system, with first-class hardware producing technology and management personnel strive to perfect the manufacturing standard, our sales turnover is about 20 million RMB per year, the main customer groups at present: Flextronics, SUYIN, SINGATRON, SIMULA, TCONN, HARTING and etc.

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- Benco, professional hardware manufacturer -


Perfect Quality Control System

Automatic production line, one-stop management system

One-stop management control system from personnel, equipment to rules to guarantee the product in good quality and higher qualified rate.

Stable producing teams, strict processing control, ensure the faster production schedule.

Fully automatic production line, receiving order ability is more attractive than others.


Precision Processing Equipment

Imported equipment, professional hardware manufacturing equipment

Precision automatic screwing machine,multiple CNC Coiling machine and other advanced equipment from domestic and overseas.

Die development and manufacturing, P4 machine, CNC machine processing, spring reed machine, hardness testing machine and other advanced international standard equipment.


Popular In International Markets

Multiple service idea, flexible cooperation

Provide one-stop service from product designing, manufacturing to sales, let the customer be assured.

Benco have strict quality control system to ensure each piece of product with high quality. All of our products have passed the ISO international quality management certification in high quality.


Good Service

Professional customer service team can help you solve your problem at the first time!

24 Hours online consultant service, always guarantee customers legal right.

We promised on time delivery and stable supplying.

Hotline: +86-769-33210118

Strives for perfection, casting quality model

Professional manufacturer engaged in producing the fasteners, precision terminals, various kinds of springs

Hotline: +86-769-33210118


Spring Machines

Working ability:

Processing wire of 0.2-2.5

1. Mechanical design of automatic lubricating oil supply, ensure the equipment working for a long time.

2. According to the working condition on the screen, can modify the outer diameter of products at any time.

3. When the machine without material, tangled lines will stop automatically and the line automatic acceleration, make production easier and effective.

4. Suitable for producing double twist spring, straight spring, pagoda spring, tension spring, rectangular spring, wire forming, steel volute spring, spring, and various fancy spring, complex and difficult spring.

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Spring Machines

Working ability:

Processing wire of 0.1-0.8

Spring machine does not need to adjust the mechanical part as well as production of arbitrary shape compression spring, completely avoids the trouble of replacing the CAM, can debug various compression spring, oil seal springs, battery springs, conical springs, double cone shape spring, safe spring, magazine spring and all kinds of simple wire forming.

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2.5 Dimensional Measuring Instrument

Characteristics of the instrument:

1. Marble pedestal structure, aeronautical aluminum is guaranteed to have high stability and rigidity.

2. Precision linear guide and grinding ball screw, with Panasonic servo motor full closed loop control, high stability, high precision, fast speed.

3. High resolution color camera 520TV line, guaranteed to have high quality measurement picture.

4. Automatic zoom lens, change the ratio after the need to re select the scale.

5. The LED surface cold light source and the cold light source can be controlled by the programmable four ring eight zone, which makes the light source more powerful for the measurement requirements.

6. German Heidenhain precision optical ruler with a resolution of 0.0005mm.

7. Fully automatic research and development of the full automatic CNC measurement software, automatic programming and off-line programming, automatic detection.

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Automatic Detection Screening Machine


A. Detection of any shape parts.

B. Is not affected by man-made factors, the test result has the stability, accuracy and consistency.

C. Instead of hand detection, can save most artificial cost.

D. High speed detection of 600 PCS/min. Fully automatic intelligent detection, recognition and eliminate.

E. Stored all kinds product testing technology parameters, If you need to use just bring it up.

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Knife CNC

Working ability:

With precision gear plate positioning, high repeat positioning accuracy. Easy operation, especially suitable for complicated parts or large quantities of high precision parts.

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Use more stringent standard processes to create better hardware products

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